Microsoft Image Composite Editor

Microsoft Image Composite Editor 1.2

It is special program to stitch images in high resolution panoramas
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Microsoft Image Composite Editor is a special program to stitch images in high resolution panoramas. This program is based on the technologies, developed in Interactive Visual Media Group. These technologies are also used in DeepZoom Composer and Windows Live Photo Gallery programs. It is simple to use and works really well. To make the panorama you’ll need at least two images of one object. Just copy files from your digital camera to your computer, start this program, and drag and drop images. The program will automatically stitch them and determine its type. It will be the first view. Using the options in the bottom pane you can improve the quality of the image and export it in different formats (standard – jpeg, tiff, psd or high resolution formats - HD View, HD Photo Image и Deep Zoom).With Image Composite Editor you can create images with viewing angle of 360 degrees. Also there is advanced automatic orientation adjustment and cropping to maximum image size. The program has a wide range of settings and can work with various projection types. Besides, there are no restrictions of the image size.

Julia Galygo
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  • High resolution panoramas
  • Automatic stitching
  • Wide adjustment of panorama’s orientation
  • No restrictions of image size
  • Circular stitching (360 degrees)


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